The valve - DT1

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5-15bar dp

20-200bar dp

Mounting Possibilities

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Customer and Partners

  • CRE8

    CRE8 was our first customer and is an innovative and quality-oriented engineering and manufacturing company that supplies Chemical Injection Systems and Electro/Hydraulic Control Systems within the Oil and Gas industry. CRE8 was founded in 2010 and is located at Sola, Norway. CRE8 installed CIV from Droptech in Chemical Injection skid for Jotun, Vår Energy.

  • Petrojarl 1 - 2022
    Project: Production, Atlanta field, Brasil
    Operator: Altera Infrastructure (joint venture)
    Feedback: ”In our production we have in general big challenges with our chemical injection due to low pressure reserves, narrow flow ranges of our installed valves, and a lot of drift in our injection rates. It was very difficult to maintain the flow rates we needed, thus we had to constantly monitor our chemical injection systems, and make frequent adjustments, which was a pain since the valves we had were extremely sensitive to operator inputs, especially at lower flow rates that are variable from 4l/h to 1l/h. We have tried several options to solve our problems, but when we installed two Droptech DT1s, our problems were solved immediately. Now we easily operate within 0.8 - 9 l/h within 0.1l/h, even with well pressures fluctuating 4-5 bars and with older, inaccurate back pressure valves. The many turns of the DT1 and the low input sensitivity make it very easy for us to set the flow rate we want, and we even see our field operators playing with setting the rates within the centilitre. We now also see that we most likely don’t need automation of the system, because the DT1 together with our relatively stable conditions in our wells, we now have the injection rates we need. We no longer misuse our chemicals. 110% satisfied, and we have ordered additional valves which we are very much looking forward to installing.” Egil Mathiassen, Service Engineer, CIU, Process and Hydraulic Systems ”, Petrojarl 1.

  • ConocoPhillips is one of the world’s largest independent E&P companies based on production and proved reserves.

  • OBS is our close valve production partner. They specialize in innovative solutions for pressure and flow control of gases and liquids, mainly for the oil and gas industry. They are located in Tønsberg, Norway.


Who we are

We have 15 years of experience from the Norwegian offshore oil & gas industry. The experience has taught us that the simplest solutions often are the best. This is why we have created what we believe is the world's most simplistic, but effective flow control valve.

  • Proven turndown ratio of 20 000.
  • Flow rate control from 0.01 l/hr and above 200 l/hr with the same valve configuration.
  • To be used in rough and corrosive environments.

We look forward to working with you to deliver the flow control valve that previously was missing in the market.


Our Hardworking Team

Jørn Folmar Nilsen


Emil Mühlbradt Sveen



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